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Schoolhouse News (SHN) is the No. 1 scholastic newsletter publisher, serving America's more than 125,000 elementary, middle and high school campuses. SHN enables schools to communicate critical information and opinions about important issues and fundraising initiatives to parents. Our monthly newsletters are a key communication tool for principals and parent-teacher organizations all across the USA. Community businesses sponsor each school's customized newsletter by purchasing advertisements and a portion of the proceeds is then shared with the school's PTA/O (Parent Teacher Association/Organization). The PTA is then free to fund any one of the many programs that are in dire need of additional funding whether it be school trips, athletic gear or art classes. We inform and support the communities that educate America's children and we're proud of it!

As school budgets become more and more constrained and challenging, schools are forced to cut back on or eliminate extra-curricular, sports or creative programs. SHN provides a wonderful and very necessary means of funding some very worthwhile programs. From assisting in funding sports programs to enabling kids to sing in a choir, SHN believes these activities are essential and not optional to our children's developmental and educational well-being.

Thousands of Elementary, Middle and High Schools across the country have selected Schoolhouse News (SHN). to be their publication partner. We're the experts when it comes to producing school newsletters. Every month, principals and PTA/O organizations rely on our custom newsletter services to communicate essential information that their parent communities need to know.