Acting Locally Nationwide

Benefits to Schools

Here are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Schoolhouse News (SHN):
Your parent group will never look better.
Principals & parent organizations (e.g. PTAs, PTOs) rave that the newsletters we design and print are extremely popular and well read by the administration, teachers, and parents!

We make life easier for you.
You don't need to deal with the hassles of designing your newsletter. We handle the details and save you time! Now your precious volunteer hours can be allocated to other vital projects!

We save your group lots of $$.
No longer will you have to spend dollars on design costs!

We help you fundraise
Our newsletters and branded merchandise program, help you raise much needed funds!

Parents are in the know!
A regular school newsletter keeps your parent community up to speed on what’s important. When parents know what's important, they’re more likely to actively support school programs. That’s a win for you…and a win for the students!

Benefits to Sponsors

A school newsletter communicates important school, family, safety, and community-related information to all of the parents. Most families will read, refer back to, and even hang the newsletter up on the kitchen fridge, making it the perfect platform to display your message and reach potential customers in a positive environment.

Other benefits of sponsoring a Schoolhouse News published newsletter include…

Effectively reach the local community.
Practically 100% readership. Your message gets into households (and onto the kitchen refrigerator!) in your market. No wasted advertising.

Gain loyal customers.
Families will appreciate your support of their children’s school newsletter. In turn, they’ll be more likely to support your business and become a repeat customer. They are aware they must support the businesses in their community that support them!

Reach new customers.
Excellent opportunity to connect with new residents who move into the community.

Cost effective way to support your local school.
Promoting your business in our newsletters is money well spent. Plus… we’ll professionally design your ad at no extra charge.

Message frequency.
We print your ad in ten different issues throughout the school year. Studies show that consumers need to view a new advertisement 3-4 times before it is noticed.

A credible and trusted environment.
Our newsletter’s positive message provides a great opportunity to promote your good public image and reach local families with your advertising message.

Support the school and PTA/O.
In addition to the benefits mentioned, your sponsorship makes your local school’s newsletters possible—that means so much to all of the parents and kids!

Your local school and Schoolhouse News invites you to become part of this cost-effective sponsorship program. Sponsorship ads will be limited to a select number of businesses on a first come, first serve basis. Since space is limited, please contact us soon so we can include you.

Email Schoolhouse News to ensure your sponsorship and advertisement or to ask any questions:

“This was our school's first year working with Schoolhouse News and I have heard a lot of wonderful comments from parents and staff. The staff has been very easy to deal with and the service is wonderful. I would highly recommend giving them a try!”

Lisa B.
PTO President
James Clark Elementary School, Agawam, MA