How does the Schoolhouse News program work?
It’s very simple. PTA/Os email us the information that they’d like to include in each issue of their newsletter in advance. Schoolhouse News professionally designs your newsletter and then emails your school group a file for review. If you have any edits, you can just email them to us. We’ll make any changes (if necessary) and then email you a final high resolution pdf file which you can print from at your school or at a local printer. We work extremely quickly; you’ll be very impressed with how fast we work and our quality design.

Does Schoolhouse News charge our PTA/O for its services?
No, your ten academic year newsletters are supported by local businesses. These community sponsors offset all expenses and make your newsletter a reality with their generosity.

Who collects these Community Sponsors advertising and what's in it for them?
Volunteers are the life blood of your organization and the key to our programs success! We've created a fantastic Rewards Merchandise Program based on a Point System with a 1:1 ratio of advertising dollars raised to earned redeemable points. These points allow your volunteer base to browse and pick from the highest quality brands in various categories from electronics, housewares to outdoor and garden. Our proprietary password protected Points Platform makes this redemption process fun and exciting for all participants!

Points cannot carryover to the next academic school year as the collection of your Community Sponsor advertising dollars by a highly motivated volunteer force in either the Fall (Back To School) or Spring term (Graduation) is crucial to the success and continuity of your customized newsletter, year over year!

How often is the newsletter published?
The up to ten newsletter issues are published monthly and will be spread throughout the school year as per the needs of the school.

What if we don’t have much to say for a particular monthly issue?
No problem. Schoolhouse News will supply you with compelling content to choose from dealing with all aspects of education and family issues (child development, child safety, learning websites, etc.). You choose what you’d like to include.

Who is responsible for getting the sponsors?
If you’d like to make your newsletter a revenue generator, or a moneymaker, by including local community business sponsorships on page 7 and 8 (see samples on our website), then this outreach to the businesses is your responsibility. We strongly suggest that you find an individual who is familiar with your community and designate him/her as the Ambassador. We will help you implement promotional programs that incentivize these businesses and ambassadors based upon the total ad sponsorship revenue collected. Schoolhouse News will provide you and your Ambassador with some great training tips and tools via email.

How do we (PTA/PTO) make money from the Ad sponsorship?
Simple: Advertisers/sponsors pay to display their services on the back of the newsletter. You determine how much you’d like to charge the business (Schoolhouse News can give you guidance) to have their ad featured on the backpage. You’ll find that most businesses will be very interested as it’s a unique way to promote their company plus support your school at the same time. These dollars come in handy for your organization to accomplish important projects that might be limited due to lack of funds.

Can parents that have their own businesses become PTA/O newsletter sponsors?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage it.

How do we get started?
Email Schoolhouse News and we will get you the information needed for getting your sponsors on board, your content delivery system set up and ultimately your newsletter published!